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Want to get noticed for the right career opportunities?

Even if you don't have time to post all the time nor to apply for jobs!



Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile that takes advantage of the algorithm and that reflects who you are. With the course fundamentals, you will optimise and personalise your LinkedIn profile to get targeted visibility and make a great first impression.

CHF 199


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Job Interview Magnet

CHF 99

How to use LinkedIn to get job interviews


Career Change Procedure

CHF 99

How to edit your profile for a new career

Gap Bridging Formula

CHF 49

How to list career gaps on your LinkedIn profile

Algorithm Made Simple

CHF 19

How does LinkedIn assess your profile

Think Like A Recruiter

CHF 29

How do recruiters use LinkedIn

Diversity Booster

CHF 99

How to create a diversity friendly LinkedIn profile

What previous clients have to say:

Jenny Schultz

"I've recently started working at Roche. The best part is that I was contacted by a recruiter who found my LinkedIn profile! So, I owe Virginie a big thanks for what seems like a great job (and it's a big jump in salary for me, too). I'm so glad I signed up for this course - it's already paid for itself many times over with my first paycheck!"

- Jenny, Content Marketing


"As a woman coming back to the job market after a fairly long maternity break, my confidence wasn’t on the high. Your LinkedIn BREAK-IN Course has taught me so much and given me back the confidence to position myself on this platform. Thank you Virginie!
If you’re a woman looking to utilize LinkedIn to get ahead in your career, I can only strongly recommend you take this course; not only because the content is great and so valuable, but because of who Virginie is and how she will make you feel. She’s also very relatable, being a mother herself and having gone through her own share of experience in the job market. She knows how it is and what she’s talking about. MY BIG RESULT: I got my dream job 5 months after joining the course"

- Jessica, Diversity & Inclusion Director, Switzerland

"I can highly recommend Virginie's LinkedIn course to everyone who wants to make their profile exciting to read and stand out from others. Virginie's advice comes across very sound, comprehensive and thought-through. I experienced Virginie as an authentic person who conveys her messages in a friendly, empathetic and open manner. She understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that each person's profile needs to have its own "character"."

- Kathrin, Management Consulting


"I had the pleasure of following Virginie's online LinkedIn BREAK-IN course. The course is very hands-on, with short easy-to-consume video lessons, templates and a wealth of practical tips designed to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile. I appreciated the 1:1 coaching session and the exchange with the other participants in the course. She is knowledgeable, energetic and always available, if you have questions. I highly recommend her as a coach and teacher!"

- Miriam, Technology Risk Management, Switzerland

Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron

"Virginie is a fresh breath of Swiss mountain air! She guided me through her LinkedIn programme with focus, practical support and expertise. I needed a mentor to maximise my LinkedIn profile for my business. Through her optimisation and personalisation process, I gained valuable information and clarity for myself. Working on my profile in real-time was a powerful way to see tangible improvements and gain confidence. I would highly recommend Virginie, she is a pro and an advocate for female professionals!"

- Elaine, Career Coaching, Ireland


"I used to think that having the right keywords in the right place on my LinkedIn profile was enough to be seen. But it's much more complicated than that. Luckily, Virginie's course, LinkedIn Break-In, about how to use LinkedIn made it easy to know what I needed to change and how to do it. By showing us how recruiters use LinkedIn, Virginie made it clear how to get found & be visible on the platform."

- Johanne, Business Development, Switzerland

Sarah Fleury

"Virginie has a great energy and boost you to thrive no matter the situation or challenge. I can honestly say she added so much value to me and my positioning. Right after optimizing my LinkedIn profile, I was contacted twice more and my networking had never been so driven and impactful. I will be starting in my new role with Philip Morris next week! Thank you again for all the support that clearly hugely helped to get me here today."

- Sarah, Group Head of Human Resources


"I had the opportunity to work with Virginie as I relocated to a new country and needed to prepare for my next career step. Virginie's online course and her capacity to view my profile through a different lens and angles helped me gain clarity. It allowed me to identify my key strengths and highlight them on my LinkedIn profile.
I recommend Virginie's services to anyone willing to receive expert support on how to build a professional LinkedIn profile."

- Joelle, Chief Operating Officer, Switzerland, Switzerland

Stephanie Strigenz

"Virginie deeply understands LinkedIn and she understands women. She's able to skillfully deliver a wealth of information in easy-to-consume video lessons, which have the power to really elevate your confidence and your career. Her LinkedIn course is a "must have" for women ready to take the next step in their career."

- Stephanie (Internal Communications & Employer Branding), Switzerland


"I have been working on my LinkedIn profile for a couple of years on my own. Recently, I decided to take my LinkedIn game up a notch and I read the book Virginie co-authored. I then enrolled in her course and found it quite helpful. Virginie has clearly invested time and resources in organising a course that is easy to work through. Her videos are thorough and pleasant to watch, with short, actionable items in each one. When interacting with Virginie on group calls, you can see that she is passionate about helping people succeed. She is honest and straightforward when delivering feedback, because she knows that honest feedback is the most useful."

- Kelly, International Tutor for the ISEE and SSAT, USA

Fanny Plattner Cantin

"Thank you Virginie for creating your course LinkedIn BREAK-IN. It’s a high quality and practical course which I definitely recommend to anyone willing to fine-tune their LinkedIn profile, to get more active and visible on LinkedIn. In her course, Virginie shows many aspects of LinkedIn that are too often unknown. I wish I would have followed such training long ago. As a coach, Virginie thinks outside the box. She brings new methods and clever ideas. She is hand-on and straightforward. I appreciated the fact that everything in the course was really easy to implement."

- Fanny, Finance & Administration, Switzerland


"The LinkedIn BREAK-IN is an exciting experience - It is a training for all those who want to optimize their LinkedIn profile for their career and job search. Virginie provides a clear and logical structure throughout the Break-Ins. She clearly explains all relevant aspects related to the presence on the platform and gives many examples. I was impressed by her ability to address all my individual questions and to propose innovative solutions. Therefore, I recommend her LinkedIn course to anyone who is interested in improving her profile and visibility on LinkedIn."

- Rocio, Risk Management, Switzerland