LinkedIn Masterclasses

Special use cases for your LinkedIn profile

Each masterclass comes with a 90-day access.

The Diversity Booster

How to increase the diversity in your team by making your LinkedIn profile more women friendly.

Who is this for?
Male C-level executives + team leaders who want to tap into the power of diverse teams

CHF 199


The Career Change Procedure

How to use your LinkedIn profile to position yourself perfectly for your new career and facilitate the transition into a new direction.

Who is this for?

Female professionals who want to change career while valuing their past career(s)

CHF 199

Learn from a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and LinkedIn coach

Few years ago, I was working as a Chief Marketing Officer of a tech startup. The workload was crazy and the environment toxic. But I told myself it was OK because I finally had a job with a title and salary I felt I deserved. 

But then, after a few months, I encountered a * slight * problem. I got laid off. It was the first time I lost my job and I felt like a giant failure.

The thought of interviewing again was crushing me since I had never managed to be seen for my skills, gifts and potential. Each interview always broke my self-confidence a little bit more.

A lot has changed since then. I've discovered a way to quickly get high quality job offers using LinkedIn. I now help professional women implement my system to use LinkedIn to get ahead in their career.

I’ve seen the impact my program has on my students’ lives and career… It's up to you to be next!

Course creator, LinkedIn Coach & Wall Street Journal bestselling Author of 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author