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60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery

Wall Street Journal Bestseller



This is a title I never expected to add to my resume:

'Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author'

In April 2020, I signed up for a bunch of LinkedIn courses with the goal to gather LinkedIn insights from the world leading experts to create the most relevant and actionable LinkedIn course for professional women: LinkedIn BREAK-IN

One of the online courses I bought was from Josh Steimle, renown marketer, entrepreneur and author. His approach totally resonated with me and I implemented a lot of his tips on my own LinkedIn profile.

One year later, I hired Josh to help me boost my LinkedIn coaching business. In the process, he learnt more about my own approach and ended up inviting me to be a co-author on his upcoming book 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery.

I was thrilled! Being invited to collaborate on the book was already a big achievement.

The book launched on October 11, 2021. One week later, it became a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller with more than 7000 copies sold and counting.

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Virginie Cantin holding three copies of her book 60 days to linkedin mastery