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About me

Rebel at heart

Growing up with 3 older sisters, rebelling has been my operating mode as long as I can remember. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I've always known that I would end up having my own business. After a few years working in digital marketing and e-business in diverse startups, I felt ready to take the leap.

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Virginie Cantin - LinkedIn Coach & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

How did I learn to optimise LinkedIn profiles for the algorithm?

Working in digital marketing, most of my day was dedicated to search engine marketing. In other words, my role was to maximise the visibility of the company on Google and other search engines. To do my job, I learnt everything I could about search engines, coding, algorithms, copy writing, branding, social media, website building and advertising. Today I use everything I know to take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm to maximise the visibility of my clients.

Where did I learn Personal Branding?

It has always come easy to me to see others for who they are and what drives them. I use that gift to help my clients get seen on LinkedIn the way they want to be seen. If you're familiar with human design, I'm ⅓ splenic projector.

Why am I a gender equality advocate?

The numbers don't lie. Around the globe only few countries and companies have achieved gender equality. If not for myself, I'm advocating for gender equality so my daughters hopefully won't have to endure discriminations and judgements women still have to face in every day life. By working with women, I hope I can contribute to closing the gender gap at work, especially in higher positions.


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