Let people see your skills.



Are you determined to achieve your career goal?

If yes, you may wonder how to tap into LinkedIn to accelerate your success.

You're asking yourself:

  • How can I make my profile reflect my skills in a way that feels right?
  • What can I do so my profile gets found more often by the right people?
  • How can I optimise my profile for the algorithm?
  • How can I apply personal branding to create a stronger presence on LinkedIn?
  • How can I leverage LinkedIn for networking in a genuine way?

No worries, I'm here to help.

If you want...

  • a new job
  • a promotion
  • more recruiters requests
  • a board mandate
  • a high-quality network
  • an easy way to make business contacts & generate leads

Or if you just want to make an outstanding first impression on LinkedIn, then I'm here to support you.

Taking advantage of LinkedIn will make your life so much easier.





How does it work?

First, I send you a questionnaire to find out more about you as a person and as a professional. Depending on your package, we'll implement everything or parts of my 10-step formula to bring your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

The 3 pillars of your LinkedIn Profile Makeover are:

1. Profile Optimisation

We start by optimising your LinkedIn profile for the algorithm so you get found more often for the right opportunities.

2. Personal Branding

I'll help you craft your key message by highlighting the right elements from your career journey for a great first impression.

3. Story Telling

I'll help you connect the dots throughout your career journey so your storyline is easy to follow and captivates your audience.

Have a look at what previous clients have to say about their LinkedIn profile makeover:

"Working with Virginie has been one of my highlights of 2021. She did more than helping me build a strong LinkedIn profile - she actually shed light on my talents. Talents I had undermined or I was not considering worthwhile to share on LinkedIn. She helped me find my voice, my personal and professional purpose and instilled within me the confidence to show up authentically in the world. I enjoyed the transformation process and I feel very grateful. She's is a real gift!"

- Marie Loridon, Creative Brand Marketing, France

"Working with Virginie was very enriching and not limited to creating a LinkedIn profile that represents me! She allowed me to take the time to think about my desires for the future, thanks to her questions I was able to reflect on my profile and better position myself. Her listening, her kindness and her encouragement are only some of her qualities.

- Véronique Pipoz, CFO, Switzerland

"I got a new board mandate with a super exciting company! So grateful to Virginie and her LinkedIn profile makeover services ! Virginie guided me through her LinkedIn program with focus, practical support, and expertise. I found her expertise and advice spot on. She gave me the incentive to display my authentic self on LinkedIn. I highly recommend Virginie to any professional woman!"

- Laurence Bourdon-Tracol, Chief Financial Officer, Switzerland

"Eye opening coaching!
I can highly recommend Virginie's Linkedin coaching as it makes you think through your own storytelling but looking at it from an external point of view. Virginie is very strong at grasping your needs and at highlighting the relevant information for an authentic profile. It has been a great pleasure to work with her!"

- Laura Di Paolo, Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Switzerland

Choose the right package for your LinkedIn Profile Makeover:

Standard Package

4 sessions of 45 min

  • In-take questionnaire
  • Access to my private LinkedIn group
  • Profile optimisation with keywords
  • Headline personalisation
  • Personal branding quick wins & recommendation
  • About section personalisation
  • Storytelling

CHF 975

Is time of the essence? We can do 2x90min instead of 4x45min

Mini Package

2 sessions of 45 min

  • In-take questionnaire
  • Access to my private LinkedIn group
  • Profile optimisation with keywords
  • Headline personalisation
  • Personal branding quick wins & recommendation

CHF 499

This is for you if...

You're ready to stand out

You understand that to stand out, your profile has to be unique. You're ready to go out of your comfort zone to show up as a leader.

You're ambitious

You have high goals for yourself & are ready for the next step. You don't want to settle for any job. You're looking for the right opportunity.

You have a clear goal

For this working relationship to work, you and I need to be very clear on your goal. Wanting to keep all doors open is not a strategy I support.

This is not for you if...

You want someone else to write your profile

I don't write your profile for you but I help you write it. I provide the structure, knowhow and feedback. You provide the content.

You're after the magic trick

Taking advantage of LinkedIn is a process. It's not about one single thing. It's the sum of all your actions that will make the difference.

You're not yet on LinkedIn

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile yet, 2-6 sessions won't be enough to bring you up to speed. My LinkedIn course is a great way to get you started.

Learn from a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and LinkedIn coach

Few years ago, I was working as a Chief Marketing Officer of a tech startup. The workload was crazy and the environment toxic. But I told myself it was OK because I finally had a job with a title and salary I felt I deserved. 

But then, after a few months, I encountered a * slight * problem. I got laid off. It was the first time I lost my job and I felt like a giant failure.

The thought of interviewing again was crushing me since I had never managed to be seen for my skills, gifts and potential. Each interview always broke my self-confidence a little bit more.

A lot has changed since then. I've discovered a way to quickly get high quality job offers using LinkedIn. I now help professional women implement my system to use LinkedIn to get ahead in their career.

I’ve seen the impact my program has on my clients’ lives and career… It's up to you to be next!

Virginie Cantin, Course Creator

Course creator, LinkedIn Coach & Wall Street Journal bestselling Author of 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery

More voices from clients whom I helped with their LinkedIn profile makeover:

"Virginie is a fresh breath of Swiss mountain air! She guided me through her LinkedIn programme with focus, practical support and expertise. I needed a mentor to maximise my LinkedIn profile for my business. Through her optimisation and personalisation process, I gained valuable information and clarity for myself. Working on my profile in real-time was a powerful way to see tangible improvements and gain confidence. I would highly recommend Virginie, she is a pro and an advocate for female professionals!"

- Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron Career Coaching, Ireland

"Working with Virginie was an eye opener experience on the power of Linkedin and how it can serve my professional goals, if used to its full potential. Through the program, I learned how to optimise my profile. Virginie skillfully guided me through the learning process, where each time a tangible improvement was achieved. I am delighted about the outcome and my collaboration with Virginie.
I highly recommend Virginie to help you in the journey of optimising your profile or establishing yourself on Linkedin."

- Marina Sfika, International Policy & Government Affairs, Belgium

"I consider the time with Virginie very well spent. She’s a true professional and her coaching is very hands-on. She had high expectations for my LinkedIn profile and did everything necessary so we would achieve the desired outcome. I learned a lot during our sessions and by implementing the tasks she gave me. I felt positively challenged and supported. I am now much more confident with my profile and will continue to implement my learnings. Last but not least, I appreciated her personal touch and care."

- Karen Miller, Diversity & Inclusion, Switzerland

"Without Virginie's coaching, I would have never been able to come up with a profile that resembles me and highlights the achievements of my professional career. Virginie's ability to ask the right questions allowed me to accomplish my tasks with high motivation. I highly recommend Virginie to anyone who wants to have a LinkedIn profile that reflects who they are and what they stand for."

- Johanne Cantin, Business Development, Switzerland


Got questions? I've got answers.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the makeover of my LinkedIn profile in between the sessions?

If you can dedicate 2h of your time on the tasks I give you at the end of each session, that would be fantastic. The more time you invest, the deeper we'll be able to go.

What happens during the coaching sessions?

The sessions are hands-on. The 3 pillars of your LinkedIn profile makeover are: 1. LinkedIn profile optimisation, 2. personal branding, 3. story telling. As your private LinkedIn expert, my goal is to help you achieve your goals and get rid of anything that is in your way. First, we align on what you want and then we jump into the work, rewriting and updating your LinkedIn profile together according to my proven 10-step blueprint.

What if I'm not sure about what I want to do next?

It's best you figure that out first before we start the makeover of your LinkedIn profile. To optimise your LinkedIn profile, you and I need to be clear on what your next career move should look like. Wanting to keep all doors open is not something I can help you with because it simply doesn't work.

Do you write my LinkedIn profile for me?

No. Your LinkedIn profile makeover is a 50-50% job. I provide the structure, know-how and feedback. You provide the content. The outcome depends on how much you contribute before, during and in between the sessions. If you already know that you won't have much time for homework in between the sessions, I highly advise you to get the optional 5th session at checkout.

Is a LinkedIn profile makeover possible for someone who wants to change career?

Yes. Just because you never had a position with the official title doesn't mean that you don't have any experience in that new field. In fact, in order to know you want to do a career change in a specific field, you had to experience it in some way. So you DO have some experience in it. And in that case, there are tons of ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile towards that new field even if you never hold the official job title. And to be honest, LinkedIn will probably be your best shot at getting noticed for that new field if you use your profile strategically..

What languages are included in the LinkedIn profile makeover?

I’m fluent in English, French and German. I’m happy to hold the sessions in any of those languages. However, please note that the LinkedIn profile makeover includes only one language. You're welcome to use Deepl.com or a translator to help you translate your LinkedIn profile in another language afterwards.

What are your office hours? Are you flexible?

My office hours are ever changing. If you don’t find any time that suits you in my calendar just let me know and I’ll move things around. We’ll find a time that works for both of us.

If you have a specific question, please reach out to me on LinkedIn or at virginie@virginiecantin.com